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  • Planning for important events or selecting ideal dates for one is no easy task: you have to comb through different websites looking for holidays, celebration months, etc., to choose those that best match your business and clientele… It’s all very time-consuming! To help you out, we present the elements to consider during your event search. 

  • Home | The Market Buzz | How to create an online ad for a Restaurant How to create an online ad for a Restaurant Online advertising is a very efficient

  • RNC Media brings together many radio and television stations in Quebec, Montreal, Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Gatineau. Together, these stations reach a large audience of listeners and viewers of all generations. As traffic to the websites of the popular stations CHOI 98.1 Radio X, 91.9 Sports, TVA and Noovo continues to grow, M32ads is a “nice bonus” that will help advertisers take advantage of this showcase.

  • CPM, CTR, CPI, impressions, etc. Do these terms give you a headache? We understand, and we are here to help!

  • With 22 newspapers in 7 Quebec regions, Icimédias Group’s new M32ads platform facilitates the connection between local advertisers and the Group’s extensive consumer base of readers.

  • We use our logo everywhere: on invoices, ads, posters, websites, social media images, etc. This is only natural since the logo embodies your company’s identity. It is important that your brand image be appealing, without visual discontinuity, and sometimes, the only way to way to do it is to use your logo on a transparent background. Here’s how you can achieve this.

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