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How to create a good online ad for hotels and b&bs 

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How to create a good online ad for hotels and b&bs

If you are managing a hotel, Bed & Breakfast or guest house and wondering if online advertising could be a good strategy for you, the answer is Absolutely Yes!

Digital ads can be a very effective tool especially in the tourism industry, and could help you achieve several sales and marketing goals.

As a hotel or B&B owner, well-designed advertising campaigns can help you:

  • Increase your visibility: Online advertising allows hotels to reach a wider audience, targeting people who are looking for accommodations in or around a specific geographic area.
  • Attract new customers: Ad Center Platforms allow you to target your ads based on a multitude of criteria. This will allow you to attract new customers who do not yet know your establishment.
  • Get more bookings: By highlighting concrete benefits of your hotel, showing gorgeous pictures or promoting special offers, online ads can encourage people to book their stay with you.

3 key elements to consider before planning your ad campaign

In the “Global Ingredients” section below, you will find all the technical details you need to know to create the 7 components of your ad. Before jumping to this list, we would like to highlight 3 strategic elements that are particularly important to consider in the tourism industry.

Define your ideal target

Depending on the type of establishment, your usual clientele, your location or even the time of year, you may want to target different audiences for your ads.

For example families, romantic packages for adults, business people, and music lovers if you are near a festival, etc.

Defining your target audience is the first step to complete. It will then help you choose the appropriate visual, a good call to action and the most relevant timing for your advertising campaign.

Choose the perfect picture

Using compelling images is always an essential part of advertising, and this is even more true if you’re running campaigns for hotels and B&Bs. Photos make it real. It gives people a first impression and makes them want to be there. Use high-quality images that showcase your rooms, facilities and surroundings.

Plan the date

Be strategic with your planning! Don’t hesitate to refer to our Marketing Calendar and use events/dates that are relevant to your industry to create a perfect timing for your ad! For example, you could refer to:

  • National Plan for Vacation Day (January 25)
  • Valentine’s Day (February 14)
  • School vacations
  • Easter (April 9)
  • Saint-Jean-Baptiste (June 24, Quebec)
  • Canada Day (July 1)
  • Festivals held near your facility
  • Relaxation Day (August 15)
  • Labour Day (September 4)
  • Thanksgiving (October 9)

Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s dive into the technical info: what are the components of a good ad, some practical tools you may need to create it, and some examples to inspire you!

Global Ingredients

Before building an ad, please make sure that you have all the rights to use any image, logo or content for commercial purposes.  

Creating an ad on M32 Ad Centers requires seven key elements. Click on each item below to learn more. If you need assistance with generating lead messages, images and colours, check out our article on ChatGPT and M32 for guidance.


Your lead message, or ad headline, should express your main message for your audience in 50 characters maximum. This piece comes first as you’ll be building your ad around this primary message. 

The lead image has a dimension of 300 pixels (width) by 200 pixels (height). We strongly recommend using your own picturesrepresenting your products or services. However, if you don’t have any relevant images, you can use external services such as: 

Your logo must be at least 300 x 130 pixels (width x height). Ideally, your logo should have a transparent background, for better visual results. If you don’t have a logo with a transparent background already, you can learn how to create one in the following video:  

 Alternatively, you can use online services to build a logo for free, such as:  

Your can include a secondary message, used as your ad description, with a text of 75 characters maximum.

Please note that this content will not be visible on the 728×90banner. 

The call to action is very important as this is how you invite potential clients or members. It should be clear and short (maximum 25 characters). 

Here are some suggestions :  

  • Sign up now
  • Subscribe now
  • Try for free
  • Get started now
  • Learn more
  • Join us
  • Book now
  • 50% off buy now
  • Make a reservation
  • Contact us now
  • Book an appointment

The harmony of colors is a science and an art that allows the final rendering of your Ad looks at its best. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can now be supported in this process with tools like: 

The URL address of your website page or landing page that you want people to reach when they click your ad. It’s important that your message and the landing page are synchronized and offer your clients the ideal information to buy your product or service.

Inspiration and briefing

To help you create your own ad, we will detail below the steps we followed to build a sample ad for a dental clinic 

Please make sure to use your own creative – image, logo and text. The following content should be used as inspiration only and not be copied or reproduced. 


Lead message


Lead image

Prompt for AI art engine: “A luxury romantic getaway on Midjourney


In this case, we just used looka build a generic logo. source:

Secondary message

Enjoy a luxurious couples getaway at our hotel & SPA

Call to action

Book now

Color Palette

We used these 4 colours

  • Ad background: #111111
  • Ad title colour: #eeeeee 
  • Call to action button background: #eeeeee
  • Call to action button font: #3e0d00 
Destination URL

Examples of landing page URLs:  

  4. ….


Play Video

Discover our article on how to use ChatGPT and M32

Advertising Campaigns with ChatGPT and M32

Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming ad campaign creation with M32 Ad-Center and ChatGPT. Our powerful AI engine and local publisher platform will help you quickly and easily create display ads for any product or service you offer. Streamline your ad campaign process and focus on what matters for your business with M32 Ad-Center and ChatGPT.”

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Lisa Camacho

Lisa Camacho

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