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Aligned with 1642’s DNA

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Aligned with 1642’s DNA

Named in honour of Montreal’s founding date, 1642 gives a special place to partners who promote Quebec’s know-how. For a company determined to focus its advertising strategy accordingly and take the local dimension to another level, the M32ads tool comes at a perfect time.

1642 distributes its premium tonics and mixers in grocery stores and several specialty stores. The Montreal-based company’s cocktail beverages have become increasingly popular with the growing popularity of Quebec gins.

In addition to working with local suppliers for its natural flavours, labels and bottling, the team also creates cocktail recipes with microdistilleries.

“Thanks to this effort with local players, we can claim the Aliments préparés au Québec certification,” proudly states Bastien Poulain, president of 1642.

This positioning has prompted the company to rethink its communication plan to make it more coherent. “You deal with local suppliers for everything that goes into your product, so why use platforms like Facebook and Google for your advertising? These are not local players, so the revenue generated is redistributed abroad,” observes the president.

“I would add that, because of our DNA, we can’t have a local-oriented backbone and leave out local media. People also buy 1642 because they recognize our effort to do things locally. And the pandemic has put a lot of emphasis on buying local. I think today we need to think more holistically and see how we can work with local partners from all industries.”

M32ads differentiates itself among the ways to target regional media and plan its ads by bringing together various publishers in one place.

“It allows me to budget my advertising expenses on the media sites that will reach my target audience,” notes Mr. Poulain. “What better way for a company like mine that sells Quebec products to Quebecers to talk to my customers than through local media? Local media is more capable of knowing and targeting the audience, and the M32ads platform specifically promotes this expertise.”

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