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A locally connected Advertising Center

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A locally connected Advertising Center : Wamidi Agency

The Wamidi agency is all about digital marketing. The company, which has about a hundred clients, has been keeping abreast of the latest developments in the digital world since its founding in 2015. The launch of M32ads has improved the means available to the company to implement its clients’ advertising projects and meet their visibility objectives on the Web.

Although the platform’s design easily enables anyone to handle their advertising, professional agencies can also benefit from using the platform to fulfil their mandates.

Moreover, since local development is at the heart of many clients’ advertising campaigns – including many real estate brokers who work and advertise within specific areas – this new tool is interesting for a company like Wamidi.

“As an agency, the Ad Center allows us to target local media relevant to our brokers in their respective territories. We will, therefore, be better able to promote brokers and help them position themselves in their sectors,” says Michel Laurier, president of Wamidi.

The Montreal-based company that previously used mainstream platforms, such as Google and Facebook, now has an alternative specifically dedicated to local solutions. All options are available in one place, which not only simplifies the process but also maximizes the ads’ potential impact. 

“It’s one of the major advantages of being able to know, on the M32ads platform, what’s out there locally across the different regions.” explains Mr. Laurier. “It helps us better locally allocate our clients’ budgets.”

Offering innovative targeted digital marketing solutions while helping support the local economy is a winning concept. The agency’s president intends to ensure that Wamidi’s client base benefits from the platform, and he won’t hesitate to spread the good news.     

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