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Expanding horizons in advertising

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RNC MEDIA : Expanding horizons in advertising

RNC Media brings together many radio and television stations in Quebec, Montreal, Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Gatineau. Together, these stations reach a large audience of listeners and viewers of all generations. As traffic to the websites of the popular stations CHOI 98.1 Radio X, 91.9 Sports, TVA and Noovo continues to grow, M32ads is a “nice bonus” that will help advertisers take advantage of this showcase.

“One of the platform’s advantages is the ability for clients to easily create their advertising campaign banners,” says Dominique Gagnon, RNC Media’s Digital Director. “Those who don’t necessarily have the time to meet with one of our representatives can visit the platform, access our sites and manage their ads without any intermediary.”

This is beneficial in many ways for the company, which is one of the largest broadcasting companies in Quebec.

“We can then focus our efforts in the right places. We can meet the needs of key clients who invest large amounts in advertising, without neglecting smaller businesses that also deserve space on our websites if they wish to advertise,” says Mr. Gagnon.

“The cost of an on-air radio or television ad is, unfortunately, not affordable for everyone,” he reminds us. M32ads brings online possibilities for smaller companies.

“Not everyone can afford a thirty-second spot on Radio X or TVA. So to be able to advertise on their websites can be worth a lot to these smaller companies,” observes the digital director. “With a platform like this, smaller budgets can identify with big names. That’s definitely an asset.”

Whether in the National Capital market – where RNC Media is a key player with CHOI 98.1 Radio X and VIBE 100.9 – Montreal with 91.9 Sports or Gatineau with WOW 97.1, VIBE 96.5 and the TVA and Noovo stations, which are also present in the Abitibi region, the group’s radio and television services are very diversified. “We can draw an audience aged 18 to 65 with all our platforms, that’s for sure.”  

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