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A tool for the times

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“A tool for the times”

With 22 newspapers in 7 Quebec regions, Icimédias Group’s new M32ads platform facilitates the connection between local advertisers and the Group’s extensive consumer base of readers. 

The local and regional press plays an essential role in communities. The journalists are the public’s eyes and ears on the ground. But it is also essential for all the area’s local businesses, which are increasingly valued.  

Weekly newspapers are still published on paper, of course. However, with the accessibility of information, and the speed at which it is transmitted – sometimes even in real-time – content is now widely available on the Web. 

“Webcasting has become truly important. It is so important that many of our newspapers now have more online readers than their print edition counterparts. We’re seeing a transformation that’s happening more or less quickly depending on the region,” notes Renel Bouchard, president of the Icimédias Group.

Therefore, the advent of the M32ads platform, which is accessible from each local weekly newspaper, is a major asset to enable all local businesses to plan their online advertising campaigns directly on their newspaper’s website. Businesses can now book their ads just as easily and in the same way as on Facebook. 

“For news organizations, it’s a tool for the times. It’s a modern tool that makes advertising easier and more accessible. Whether a merchant or an agency, the client can very easily target their choice of local media throughout Quebec, select their formats and plan their advertising campaign. Ads are quickly created online and at competitive rates,” observes Bouchard.

Finally, choosing your local weekly newspaper to advertise enables a surprisingly large and diversified readership.      

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