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A Publisher for the Home Improvement

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A Niche Publisher for the Home Improvement Industry

Quebec company Drummond House Plans is the largest residential architecture firm in Canada in terms of house sales and renovation plans. Each year, no less than 5,000 clients trust the company to fulfill their dream of owning a home. Drummond House Plans is the most visited Quebec and Canadian architecture website. This opens a very interesting door to complementary businesses working in the same industry and who want to make customers aware of their products and services early in the purchasing process. In that respect, customers (often first-time and second-time homebuyers) and construction contractors are the main targets.

To support its growth, Drummond House Plans relies on the M32 Ad Center to diversify its income streams.

“This decision will allow us to monetize part of our web investments while having visitors to our site discover products curated according to their needs,” notes the President and CEO of Drummond House Plans,

“This targeted clientele will be won over from the start of the process and will eventually consume products and services complementary to ours.”

Increasing one’s revenue while suggesting advertising content adapted to the clientele is a great way to shine in Drummond House Plans’ area of expertise.

“We want to make architecture accessible and affordable to all our clients who are looking to choose their living environment,” says Mr. Carignan. “The M32 Ad Center network will undoubtedly provide this digital outreach.”

This innovation by M32ads is a major asset for enhancing online and low-cost advertising campaigns.

“Our clientele is the perfect audience for any construction or home renovation business,” explains Yves Carignan. “The Ad Center lets even the smallest advertisers benefit from this interest by proposing attractive products and services that are relevant to them.”

Drummond House Plans is strengthening its position as a niche publisher by offering access to a large pool of potential clients. Its websites have considerable reach, both in French for the Quebec website and in English for its site targeting all of North America.

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Lisa Camacho

Lisa Camacho

Based in our Toronto location, Lisa started her career in print media and branched out into sales and client relations for two of the world’s leading brands in the automotive and travel industry. Within the M32 team, she’s leading the publishers and agencies relationships in Canada and the USA. Connect with Lisa if you’d like to learn more about M32!

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