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A Digital Marketing Revolution

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A Digital Marketing Revolution

On the eve of the new Jacques Cartier Pizza branch opening on Boulevard de Rome in Brossard, franchisee Aziz Mourjane is delighted to count on the M32ads network. The network is a partner that will simplify the management of the advertising aspect of the business, increase visibility and develop its market.

The chapter beginning with Jacques Cartier Pizza in the southern suburbs of Montreal could well be the first of a long story. Having worked in hospitality and restaurant management for several years, Mr. Mourjane is eager to kick off the project he’s been working on for months and is excited about the stimulating challenge.

“It’s exciting to open a franchise. My goal is to innovate, keep up with developments and always be more attentive to our customers’ needs,” says Aziz Mourjane. “Working with a franchisor who is very open to sitting down and talking about developing further and further makes the process all the more interesting.”  

He is already not ruling out the possibility of a second branch and, if all goes well, in the not-so-distant future. “We know how much restaurant delivery and take-out services have grown and continue to grow. That’s precisely what we’re focusing on since we don’t have an on-site dining room. The demand is there, and Jacques Cartier Pizza adds to the available supply with its quality products.”  

M32ads will support advertising planning and deployment to promote the new establishment and the various events that will be held there.      

“Having a platform that you can work on yourself, manage your advertising with the touch of a finger on your computer, target your client base and the media you deal with, and deliver the messages you want in the way you want, is amazing,” says Mr. Mourjane. I expect M32ads to be a revolutionary tool in digital marketing.”

In terms of results, efficiency, time and money saved, the platform gives small players, as well as larger ones, a chance to implement their advertising plan and get a return on their investment. “That’s the beauty of this tool.”   

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