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More opportunities for both Gravité sectors

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More opportunities for both Gravité sectors

Maximizing online ad placement on the company’s platforms has been on the agenda for some time. The M32ads network is a perfect fit for Gravité’s Web media division and its marketing agency.

Each of the five media outlets – Le Courrier du Sud in Longueuil, Le Journal Saint-François in Valleyfield, Le Reflet in Candiac, Le Soleil in Chateauguay and l’Information d’affaires d’ici – has a readership that is still loyal to the traditional paper edition. However, the digital platforms are growing in the media world.

Facilitating advertising on the Web pages of its publications, which combined reach millions of views annually, is a game-changer for the Quebec-based group.

“When M32 introduced this platform, we didn’t hesitate at all. It was really what we were looking for, what we needed to increase our clients’ visibility and also facilitate media placement,” says Judith Cailhier, Executive Vice-President and Marketing Division. We’ve wanted to improve the use of our medias’ Web platforms for a long time at Gravité. This is because we draw a lot of traffic; we’re talking about 12 million page views per year.”

The marketing branch also benefits from this technology. “We have a full-service marketing agency that handles branding, web development, media placement, content production, video production and graphic design,” explains Ms. Cailhier. The self-service platform opens up opportunities for the media division but also the agency. It allows us to resonate with our two distinct client bases.”

The company now has more options to offer personalized service, regardless of the target objective and timeline.

“We can adapt to anyone’s needs. Whatever the client has in mind, we have it covered. Some people want to be supported, want to push the strategy further, and we have teams present for them,” says the vice-president. “On the other hand, there are other clients who know what they need and how to do it. They prefer a quick solution and don’t want to wait for anyone else, and now we have the platform for those people. Efficient and super easy to use,” concludes Ms. Cailhier.

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