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A customized platform

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A customized platform for a real estate agent

Whether to promote herself as a professional or highlight properties available to potential buyers, Lou Ann Parent, a residential real estate broker with RE/MAX Excellence, sees several advantages to using the M32ads platform in her profession.   

She has long believed in the use of local media, having worked previously in advertising.  

“I used to sell advertising space on Cogeco’s radio station websites, and stressing the importance of investing in Quebec media was part of my speech when I met with advertising agencies in Montreal. I was already sold,” says Lou Ann Parent with a smile.

What is the key advantage of the new M32ads tool, according to her? The ability to target. “Women, men, families, people who have x or y interest; we can target not only by postal codes or neighbourhoods but also by the age group and the type of people we want to reach,” she explains.     

Unlike the more traditional methods still preferred by many real estate brokers, such as mailers, the platform not only reaches the target audience more effectively but also distributes the message in an environmentally responsible way that leaves no footprint.   

“We’re doing several good things at the same time. We’re advertising more ecologically, we’re contributing to the local economy by investing in our media, and we’re visible to the target audience we want to reach,” says Parent. Since I sell houses to local people and cannot practice my profession outside of Quebec anyway, this is an effective tool.”

This is especially true since the real estate broker can use the platform for two distinct purposes. “We can promote ourselves, for example, with our slogan and our strengths, but also promote the sale of a particular house or condo with specific ads. And the tool is easy-to-use!” concludes Lou Ann Parent with enthusiasm.

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