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How to Pause, Stop or Modify a Campaign?

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First, you created a campaign on an Ad Center, and it is now running in accordance with the settings you defined. As a good marketing manager, you monitor its progression and performance so that you’re ready to react when needed. Congratulations, you’ve got it all figured out!

Should a problem arise, you need to know how to modify, pause and restart an ongoing campaign. This article will cover all these points and help you become a campaign pro!

Modify an advertising campaign in progress

If your campaign has been approved and launched, there are two campaign elements you can still modify: the budget and the end date.

To modify your campaign, go to your Ad Center homepage and look for the “Active Campaigns” section. If you have more than one active campaign, make sure you select the right one to edit. Hence the importance of naming your different campaigns with descriptive names!

Then, click on the edit button (with the pencil icon) to change the daily budget or the end date of the campaign. You will be able to take the following actions:

  • Increase the budget per day
  • Decrease the budget per day
  • Extend the campaign by pushing back the end date
  • Shorten the campaign by moving up the end date

If you want to make more significant changes to your campaign such as switching to a different creative, changing the targeted sites, etc. you will need to stop the ongoing campaign and create a new one with those new settings.

Stop or pause a campaign

In some situations, you may need to pause a campaign or stop it altogether.

Here are some examples of reasons why you could have to stop or pause a campaign:

  • You sold more products/services than expected or have reached your maximum goal (e.g.: your event is sold out and there are no more tickets available).
  • You are not selling enough products, or no one is attending your event and you wish to stop spending while you analyze and modify your campaign.

How to proceed? Again, it’s quite simple! Go to the “Active Campaigns” section of your homepage and look for a small red or green icon in the “status” column.

  • If the campaign is ongoing, click on “pause” (in red) and confirm that you want to stop or put your campaign on hold.
  • If the campaign is paused, click on the arrow (in green) and confirm that you wish to reactivate the campaign.

Note that once a campaign is put on hold, your credit card will not be charged. The campaign will remain listed as “active” until the specified end date and will be easily accessible from your homepage so that you can reactivate it before that date.

If you want to permanently stop a campaign, you can either move up the end date or pause it and it will automatically expire on the scheduled date.


Lisa Camacho

Lisa Camacho

Based in our Toronto location, Lisa started her career in print media and branched out into sales and client relations for two of the world’s leading brands in the automotive and travel industry. Within the M32 team, she’s leading the publishers and agencies relationships in Canada and the USA. Connect with Lisa if you’d like to learn more about M32!

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