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Pelmorex Corp.: Expanding the Scope of Advertising

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Local Advertising: The Weather Network & MétéoMédia Amplify Reach for Small and Medium Businesses

For over 30 years, The Weather Network & MétéoMédia have been delivering weather news and information to Canadians. They are a trusted and brand safe platform where Canadians go to get their personalized weather, when it really matters, wherever they are. In keeping with their mission to meet the needs of others, they have partnered with M32 Connect to provide a new self-service advertising platform to enable local advertisers to better direct their marketing campaigns easily and at an affordable cost.

"Whether from Chibougamau, Kelowna or Oshawa, advertisers will be able to plan their local marketing directly on Pelmorex's advertising platform, without having to go through an intermediary," explains Stephane Campana, Associate Vice-President of M32 Connect. “Who doesn't know MétéoMédia and The Weather Network? Everyone visits these sites, even if it is only for a few minutes each day. Meteorological information generates an impressive number of clicks.”

“We are delighted with the confidence that Pelmorex gives us and to be able to contribute to the commercial and technological development of a large local company. With the implementation of our self-service platform, it will allow all SMEs located in metropolises, towns, or villages to carry out their local and national digital marketing campaigns by communicating in an optimal, autonomous, and low-cost way on the sites that are among the most visited in Canada,” says Mr. Campana.

“The primary objective for us is to simplify the lives of local businesses by providing them with a tool that gives them the opportunity to advertise on our platforms, connect with a large scale audience and to help them succeed in today’s competitive advertising landscape,” said Jean-Paul Sclapari, Head of Sales & Partnerships for MétéoMédia. “Partnering with M32 connect has provided us the opportunity to meet this objective.”

The M32 tool broadens the scope for The Weather Network & MétéoMédia advertisers and provides those businesses that have smaller advertising budgets the opportunity to advertise on their platforms. It empowers them to set up campaigns and effectively connect with their desired audience, all while ensuring that their ad budgets are custom-tailored to suit their specific business needs.

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Lisa Camacho

Lisa Camacho

Based in our Toronto location, Lisa has several years of experience in ad operations and digital sales. Within the M32 team, she’s leading the publishers and agencies relationships in Canada and USA. Connect with Lisa if you’d like to learn more about M32!

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