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The Coops de l’Information: the Power of the Group

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The Coops de l’Information: the Power of the Group

The M32ads Advertising Center is “an answer and strong solution to challenge the Web giants”, says the Coops de l’information (CN2i), a press group formed by six local cooperatives.

Le Soleil in Quebec, Le Nouvelliste in Trois-Rivières, La Tribune in Sherbrooke, La Voix de l’Est in Granby, Le Quotidien in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and Le Droit in the Ottawa-Gatineau region; the Coops de l’information are dedicated to quality local information through analysis, journalistic coverage and opinions.

“If we talk about a broader mission, we like to think that we’re not just observing in our communities,” says Yves Neault, Partner, Sales and Marketing for Les Coops de l'information. “The Coops de l'information are allies in regional development. As well as reporting on what is happening in our regions and how they are developing, we also try to help local communities.

These media outlets are well-grounded in their communities and a great value for businesses that target a local audience. The websites and applications associated with the publications have also grown significantly in recent years with more readers and clients increasingly preferring them for advertising.

“In a digital world that has completely changed, M32ads definitely meets a need for a large portion of the client base,” confirms Mr. Neault. “I would also add that the Advertising Center is an answer and at the same time a strong solution to challenge the Web giants for those who wish to encourage local media.”

Besides encouraging local solutions, the initiative saves individual media outlets from creating their self-service advertising platforms individually. “For us, it’s an extension of our services. This collective approach is an avenue that makes even more sense. Because as soon as we unite, we become a little stronger,” says the Partner, Sales and Marketing.

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