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How to Create a Transparent Background for Your Logo

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We use our logo everywhere: on invoices, ads, posters, websites, social media images, etc. This is only natural since the logo embodies your company’s identity. It is important that your brand image be appealing, without visual discontinuity, and sometimes, the only way to way to do it is to use your logo on a transparent background. Here’s how you can achieve this.

The different image formats

It’s not easy to find your way through the many different image formats out there.

Here are the 3 main ones:

  • png: widely used by design professionals because it allows you to have a logo with a transparent background. The downside of this format is that it is not very light, which makes it a less suitable option for large-scale images on websites.
  • jpg: most used format, lighter than png, but unfortunately it does not allow to have a transparent background with your logo. However, this format enables you to compress images.
  • gif: we’ve all seen the funny gifs on the internet, so you know that they are animated images. The gif format also allows you to have a transparent background, so if you have an animated version of your logo, it can be an interesting option in certain situations.

As for your logo, we recommend that you have multiple versions available in png format: black, white, and colour to fit your different business needs.

The 3 steps to creating a logo with a transparent background

If you don’t have a version of your logo with a transparent background yet, let us briefly explain how you can create it yourself. Rest assured; you don’t need to have any graphic design skills!

To start, you’ll need the largest version of your logo at the highest resolution to get a successful result.

Then you’ll need to find a tool to edit your logo. We will list our top choices, both free and premium, in the following section of this article.

Finally, don’t forget to save your initial logo by using the “save as” button and then renaming the transparent version “blacktransparentlogo.png” for example. You can also start by making a copy of your initial logo before modifying it, just to be safe.

Warning: this last step is very important if you don’t want to overwrite your original file and then call your graphic designer in a panic to retrieve it!

Recommended tools to modify your logo

There are 2 types of tools available:

  • Online tools: often free, but can sometimes require a subscription.
  • Software: free or premium, they are directly installed on your computer and allow you to work even if you are not connected to a network.

Our recommendations for the most useful online tools:

For software, we recommend:

Don’t hesitate to try out a few options and check out the tips and tricks for each one based on your level of knowledge. With the right tool, you’ll get a better result!

Video Tutorial

To learn more on this topic, watch the video we’ve prepared for you so that you can see examples and practice at the same time. 


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Lisa Camacho

Lisa Camacho

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