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Course Introduction

This introductory course will help you get familiar with the basics of digital advertising. These four short videos provide an overview of the marketing ecosystem as well as all the aspects that need to be taken into account to build effective strategies.

Lesson 1 >  Overview of Digital Advertising

Let’s cover the basics and get an overview of the marketing ecosystem surrounding your brand. We will discuss the three main categories of marketing: owned, earned and paid, in order to fully understand all aspects of each of these marketing channels and the relationship between their different dimensions.

Duration : 16 min 25 sec

Lesson 2 > Online Marketing Ecosystem

Explore the relationship between the major stages of the digital buying process and the different marketing strategies and initiatives you can implement within each of the major categories of marketing: owned, earned and paid.

Duration : 7 min 31 sec

Lesson 3 > Campaign objective and success metric

Learn more about the nine dimensions of digital advertising. Let’s break down the first two levels of your paid marketing strategy, which are: how to define your goals and how to measure success.

Duration : 16 min 27 sec

Lesson  4 > Overview of The 9 dimensions of Online advertising 

Learn all the basics about the other seven dimensions of paid marketing in order to understand your pricing model, ad formats, the impact of the environment and platform, targeting options, ad elements and landing page.

Duration : 16 min 39 sec

Course X-Ray
Instructor Bio.
Samuel Parent

Samuel Parent is a Digital marketing specialist and consultant. He is a generalist of most digital marketing, communications and advertising possibilities.

President of Titan Interactive since 2004, his consultancy firm, he offers training, digital media buying, social media management, competitive digital market studies and an audit in interactive communications. 

Samuel has a bachelor’s in Commerce with a major in marketing from Concordia University. He can count on 25 years of experience in marketing agencies, in media sales and long experience with various associations: BPIQ, PCM, IAB Canada and Réseau APCM.


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