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How can I follow the results of my campaigns on Google Analytics (UTM)?

For Expert users

Google allows you to add parameters to your URL in order to classify this traffic easily on your Google Analytics account, and therefore analyze different sources of traffic.

What does “UTM” mean? UTM is the abbreviation for Urchin Tracking Module. In 2005, Google acquired Urchin Software for their analytical framework, which they later used as the foundation for Google Analytics. UTM codes eventually became a popular way to track leads.

Google’s documentation and the URL builder are available here:


For your campaigns, use the Google tool above to generate a new link which can be tracked on your Google Analytics dashboard.

It is this new link that you should use for your campaign when our platform asks you to. Since ad management systems and analytics tools count traffic in different ways, it’s normal to have variations between views. This is not specific to our platform but applies to any tool or web platform.

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