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What do the different campaign statuses mean?

From the overview of your campaigns, on your home page, you can see the following statuses:

  • Draft: the campaign creation has started but it hasn’t been submitted yet.
  • Pending approval: your campaign has been created and sent to the publisher. It will be validated within an average of three working days. This delay is different from a publisher to publisher.
  • Ready: Everything is in place and approved. The campaign will start on the date indicated in your campaign brief.
  • Disapproved: Your campaign could not be approved because it violates one or more elements of our usage policy. You should have received an email with more information about this.
  • Delivering: The campaign is being broadcast.
  • Paused: You or the publisher put this campaign on hold.
  • Update payment method: In case your credit card has not been insufficient funds or has been blocked by your financial institution. The campaign is stopped, and you have 23 hours to submit a new credit card by clicking on the name of the campaign. Otherwise, it will be considered completed and you should create a new campaign with updated financial information.

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