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What is the list of industries that you use and why?

To fully understand our customers and their needs, the list of industries will help make a global analysis of our users. This list is based on the classification used by Statistics Canada and taken from the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). Below is the full list used as well as a link to a detailed description:

  1. Accommodation and food services
  2. Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting
  3. Arts, entertainment and recreation
  4. Construction
  5. Educational services
  6. Finance and insurance
  7. Health care and social assistance
  8. Information, blogs and Media
  9. Manufacturing
  10. Professional and technical services
  11. Real estate
  12. Retail trade
  13. Transportation and warehousing
  14. Utilities
  15. Wholesale trade
  16. Other services
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