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What do I need to prepare in order to create my ad?

To create your ad using the online tool, you will need the following items:

Option 1: Build your custom ad

• A copyright-free image* for which you own the rights. Your image must be at least 300 x 200 pixels (width x height), in png, jpg, or gif format and with a maximum weight of 1 MB.

• Your logo is optional and must be at least 300 x 130 pixels (width x height), in png, jpg, or gif format, and with a maximum weight of 1 MB.

• A title of maximum 50 characters.

• A description of maximum 75 characters. Note that this content will not be visible on the 728 x 90 banner due to the lack of space.

• A call to action of maximum 25 characters.

• A destination URL for your campaign.

Based on these elements, our tool will create the different ad formats needed for your campaign.

*When creating a campaign, some publishers offer the option of having direct access to images from Pexels.com. See their license here https://www.pexels.com/license/ on the use of their images.

Option 2: Upload your creatives
Alternatively, if you have already created your ads, you can simply upload your files and use them for your campaign.

Please note that all images used in your ads must be copyright-free, and you must own the rights to use them. If you have any further questions or concerns about creating ads using our online tool, please contact our support team for assistance.

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