A Local Solution to Purchasing Ads Online

In a context where many new clients are reluctantly turning to advertising placement solutions that benefit U.S. giants, M32ads is meeting a real need, says Martin Thomas, publisher at Les Éditions Nordiques. A local and regional unwavering devotion to the newspaper chain that finds resonance on this platform.

Marketing Calendar

Planning for important events or selecting ideal dates for one is no easy task: you have to comb through different websites looking for holidays, celebration months, etc., to choose those that best match your business and clientele… It’s all very time-consuming! To help you out, we present the elements to consider during your event search. 

Restaurant Advertising Example

As the owner or manager of a restaurant, you can create ad campaigns for a variety of purposes: share promotions or special events, emphasize a specific product or service, attract new clients, take more reservations or online orders, etc.

A locally connected Advertising Center

The Wamidi agency is all about digital marketing. The company, which has about a hundred clients, has been keeping abreast of the latest developments in the digital world since its founding in 2015. The launch of M32ads has improved the means available to the company to implement its clients’ advertising projects and meet their visibility objectives on the Web.

A Digital Marketing Revolution

On the eve of the new Jacques Cartier Pizza branch opening on Boulevard de Rome in Brossard, franchisee Aziz Mourjane is delighted to count on the M32ads network. The network is a partner that will simplify the management of the advertising aspect of the business, increase visibility and develop its market.

Aligned with 1642’s DNA

Named in honour of Montreal’s founding date, 1642 gives a special place to partners who promote Quebec’s know-how. For a company determined to focus its advertising strategy accordingly and take the local dimension to another level, the M32ads tool comes at a perfect time.

A customized platform

Whether to promote herself as a professional or highlight properties available to potential buyers, Lou Ann Parent, a residential real estate broker with RE/MAX Excellence, sees several advantages to using the M32ads platform in her profession.

Pause, Stop or Modify a Campaign

First, you created a campaign on an Ad Center, and it is now running in accordance with the settings you defined. As a good marketing manager, you monitor its progression and performance, so you’re ready to react when needed. Congratulations, you’ve got it all figured out!

Create an advertising campaign

As business owners and operators, we want potential customers to know about our company. That’s natural! Ad campaigns help spread the word. However, advertising might not be your area of expertise and if this is all new to you, it’s important to first understand the basics.

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