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How to give your logo a transparent background

Only one lesson This short video will help you if you don’t have a version of your logo on a transparent background, which gives bettervisual results for your online ads. Learn the basics about image formats, get our best recommendations to know which tool to use, free or paid, and quickly see how to do it thanks to our demo. Become more autonomous thanks to these good tips!  Video duration : 10 min 50 sec

Lesson 8 – The Landing Page

This last video addresses the end point of your online advertising campaign: the landing page. We will tell you the do’s and don’ts, what it should contain and what to avoid, how to test and what to change in order to get the best results. To conclude this course, the most important is to set …

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Lesson 7 – Online Ad Creative

Let us show you the core elements that make a good and efficient creative. Tailor your ad campaign to your target and play around with text, images and color settings to reach your goal. We’ll also talk about the importance of testing different options to refine your results. Catch the attention of your viewers with a …

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Lesson 5 – Online Editorial Environments & Platforms

An online advertising campaign must absolutely take into account the context, meaning the editorial environment and technological platform on which it will be displayed. By understanding the specifics of each of these elements, you will be better positioned to adapt your ad campaign and therefore get better results.   Video Duration : 13 min 51 sec

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