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Understanding the Statistics in a Report and Their Meaning

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When it comes to online advertising campaigns, the most important advice we can give you is to rely on numbers, statistics, data, and results!

Ultimately, an advertising campaign is not much without a performance analysis. If you’ve taken our free introduction to paid marketing course, you know that you can’t take anything for granted; you must try and constantly adjust to achieve the best possible results or in marketing terms, the maximum return on your investment.

Analyzing your campaigns allows you to measure their performance and compare what works best and what doesn’t work well with your target audience. The more metrics you analyze, the more you will be able to fine-tune and improve your next campaigns.

We’ll show below you where to find your reports and how to understand them.

How to find the reports of each campaign

A detailed report is available on your platform for all of your active or completed campaigns. You can easily access it using one of these options:

  • From your Home Page, under the “Impressions” column of an active or completed campaign, click on the “graph” icon of the campaign.
  • On the left-side menu, click on “Reporting” and identify which campaign you want to review. You can filter the results if needed by clicking on the column label to sort your campaigns by tags, name, date or status. Then click on the desired campaign.

Ta-dah! Your report will open on a new page. Below is a breakdown of the data you will find in the report.

Understanding your report’s data and terms

The first section of the report page provides you with a summary of the top 5 indicators in the Reporting Overview section. Here is the definition of each of them:

Delivered Impressions

  • This is the total number of impressions that have been delivered for your campaign during the specified period of time. An impression is counted each time a creative (your ad) is downloaded to the user’s device and has started to load.


  • The total number of times users clicked on your ad creative. The server counts a click as soon as it receives the click request and then sends the user to the defined click-through URL.

Frequency Cap

  • A frequency cap represents the maximum number of times we show an ad to the same device for a given day. You can specify this parameter when creating your campaign.

Cost per impression

  • The CPI is the average cost per one impression, based on the total budget spent throughout the campaign and the number of delivered impressions. This metric represents the price paid each time a banner has been distributed to users according to your campaign instructions.

Exposed Users

  • Users represent the total unique audiences reached by the ad and exposed to different elements of campaign. This metric is the result of de-duplication of individual users across many platforms.

Useful Metrics

After the Reporting Overview section, you will find two other types of insightful data.

A graph providing a clear visual representation of the distribution of the number of impressions, the budget and the clicks generated by your campaign, which you can view by day, week or month using the drop-down list.

A table showing the list of sites or sections in which your campaign has been displayed. You can filter the table to organize the results according to the number of impressions or clicks and identify sites that performed better than others.


Lisa Camacho

Lisa Camacho

Based in our Toronto location, Lisa started her career in print media and branched out into sales and client relations for two of the world’s leading brands in the automotive and travel industry. Within the M32 team, she’s leading the publishers and agencies relationships in Canada and the USA. Connect with Lisa if you’d like to learn more about M32!

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