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Important marketing event dates in Canada and the U.S. you won’t want to miss

Planning for important events or selecting ideal dates for one is no easy task: you have to comb through different websites looking for holidays, celebration months, etc., to choose those that best match your business and clientele… It’s all very time-consuming! To help you out, we present the elements to consider during your event search. 

The stakes of a well-planned ad

If you tend to place last-minute ads for certain events, you’ve likely noticed that your customers aren’t as eager to buy as you would like.  

Anticipating an event like Black Friday sparks people’s enthusiasm. We’re sure that you, too, start researching items like household appliances, for example, in your favourite store months in advance, to be ready for when prices drop on Black Friday. Guilty as charged?  

These stores usually plan this type of promotion months ahead of time! 

So why don’t you? 

  1. Think about the offer

It’s important to clearly define the promotion or event. This will provide answers to questions such as “Which stores does this apply to?”, that can easily be answered through an event FAQ (FAQ can be saved and used again for future promotions). 

  • What products or services will be featured? 
  • What’s the price? 
  • What’s your target? 
  • Etc. 
  1.  Define your advertising campaign

Once you’ve defined the offer, all you’ll have left to do is decide how to advertise it. 

Be sure to select the best publishers for your needs, research locations and formats, and check which dates speak to you (a marketing event calendar is provided at the end of this article). 

The earlier you do this, the more choice you will have regarding parameters and options and therefore the higher your chances of success!

  1. Prepare the ad’s content 

As you can see in the article about creating your online ad campaigns, there are different formats and media you can use: a video, an image with several display formats, audio, a newsletter, social media, etc. 

Each medium requires that you adapt both the text and format. 

It’s important to craft your content for maximum punch! 

If you haven’t already created your ads, know that when you use a self-serve Ad Center, you get access to a very easy-to-use tool directly on the platform that allows you to create ads quickly and easily. It’ll save you lots of time! 

  1. Promote it several weeks in advance 

You may think that waiting until closer to the event will give your customers a pleasant surprise.  

The problem is if your customers can’t plan for it, they might not be able to purchase or attend your event! 

Try mentioning it a few weeks in advance: “Great news! We’re planning a VIP event for September 20th. Interested? Register now!” 

  1.  Launch your ad campaign!

Depending on your budget, you can do this from a few days to a few months before the event. 

But don’t forget that consumers need to see your message several times for it to resonate and take action. So, launch your ad and don’t hesitate to experiment with different ideas such as images and messages. 

To make sure you don’t miss any important events, we’ve included a calendar with the most relevant dates for Canada and the U.S. 

You can download it in PDF format and keep it on hand or print it for easy reference year-round.

Marketing Events Calendar

Click on the month you are interested in to see the details or download the PDF file for an overview.


  • [1] New Year’s Day
  • [3] Festival Festival of Sleep Day
  • [13] Make Your Dream Come True Day
  • [14] Organize Your Home Day
  • [17] Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day
  • [26] National Plan for Vacation Day (date may change from year to year)
  • [28] Data Privacy Day


  • National Children’s Dental Health Month 
  • National Wedding Month 


  • [1]  Chinese New Year (date may change from year to year)
  • [2]  Groundhog Day
  • [4] Opening of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games (2022)
  • [6 ] Super Bowl Sunday (date may change from year to year)
  • [14] Valentine’s Day
  • [28 ] Tooth Fairy Day / Mardi Gras 


  • Nutrition Month 


  • [5] Employee Appreciation Day  
  • [8] International Women’s Day 
  • [17] St-Patrick’s Day 
  • [18] Global Recycling Day 
  • [30] National Doctors’ Day (USA) 


  • Earth Month 
  • Oral Health Month 
  • Major League Baseball (MLB) season kicks off (date changes from year to year) 


  • [1 ] April Fools’ Day  
  • [7] World Health Day 
  • [17] Easter (date may change from year to year) 
  • [21] World Creativity and Innovation Day


  • National Barbecue Month 
  • Clean Air Month


  • [1] National Physician’s Day (Canada) 
  • [8] Mother’s Day (date may change by country and year) 
  • [9] World Fair Trade Day  
  • [12] Canada Health Day 
  • [23] Victoria Day / National Patriots’ Day (Canada / Quebec)  
  • [28] International Day of Action for Women’s Health 


  • National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month 
  • Men’s Health Month 


  • [1 ] Global Day of Parents 
  • [5] World Environment Day 
  • [19]  Father’s Day (date may change by country and year) 
  • [21] International Yoga Day
  • [24]  Saint-Jean-Baptiste (Quebec national day) 


  • [1] Canada Day  
  • [4] Independence Day (USA)
  • [7] Chocolate Day 


  • [9] Book Lovers Day
  • [15] Relaxation Day
  • [21]  Senior Citizens Day (USA) 


  • Back to School 


  • [6] Labour Day (Canada) 
  • [8] International Literacy Day / World Physical Therapy Day 
  • [9] National Football League (NFL) season kicks off (date changes from year to year)
  • [10] Grandparents Day 
  • [21] International Day of Peace / World Gratitude Day 
  • [29] Coffee Day
  • [30] International Podcast Day


  • National Hockey League (NHL) season kickoff (date changes from year to year) 


  • [1] National Seniors Day (Canada) / World Vegetarian Day 
  • [4] World Animal Day 
  • [5] World Teachers Day  
  • [6] World Smile Day 
  • [9] Fire Prevention Day
  • [10] World Mental Health Day  
  • [11] Thanksgiving (Canada)
  • [16] World Bread Day 
  • [31] Halloween 


  • [6] World PaperFree Day 
  • [11] Remembrance Day 
  • [20] Universal Children’s Day  
  • [23] Thanksgiving (USA) 
  • [26] Black Friday (date changes from year to year) 
  • [29] Cyber Monday (date changes from year to year)


  • [11] International Mountain Day 
  • [18] Free Shipping Day 
  • [26] Boxing Day 
  • [31] New Year’s Eve

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